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A holistic approach to IT management that ensures all your bases are covered

Are you facing challenges like these?

We keep experiencing the same recurring IT issues without a suitable resolution from our IT provider.

We’re tired of our IT provider’s slow response times and general lack of urgency.

Our company needs a proactive IT partner able to help us with a long-term IT strategy as opposed to reacting to problems as they arise.

Because our current IT provider lacks the expertise to fix all of our IT issues, we end up wasting time and money juggling multiple service providers.

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Complete Network Integration’s full-service IT support can solve all of your IT headaches

At Complete Network Integration (CNI), we understand the frustration of inadequate IT support, feeling like IT is holding you back as opposed to propelling you forward. You need proactive IT support from a trusted IT partner who is able to help you leverage your technology and alleviate recurring issues. Our goal is to be that partner and provide you with the IT support you need and more.

With our holistic approach to IT support, all of your IT needs will be taken care of — from managed IT to cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and more, our team of experts can take the burden of IT off your shoulders, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Once recurring IT issues are a thing of the past and your business is set up with a long-term IT strategy and proactive support, you’ll be set up for success — no more unanswered phone calls to IT support, no more juggling IT vendors, and no more time wasted on day-to-day IT issues.

img CNI solve all headaches
img CNI solve all headaches

A holistic approach to IT support — all your needs taken care of by one trusted partner

When you partner with us, here’s what you can expect:

Service Quality

Quick and effective solutions to all of your IT needs, provided by highly skilled IT specialists with years of experience working with end users


A provider who not only excels at service level agreement responses, but strives for a first-touch resolution to any IT problem


An experienced team of solution-oriented IT professionals with far-reaching expertise


A strategic IT partner who anticipates any potential hurdles, plans ahead, and overcomes issues prior to them impacting the customer

Our Services

IT Management

IT Solutions


Infrastructure and Cloud Services

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Is it time for your business to switch to Managed IT support?

Are you still on the fence about Managed IT support? Not sure if it’s the right choice for your business? Download our FREE eBook to find out more about the benefits of Managed IT Services and whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Ready to get started?

Start experiencing elevated IT support provided by a trusted IT partner.


We’ll get to know you to better understand your requirements and determine the best way to collaborate and help you leverage your technology to fit your business needs.

Meet with our business specialist

Our business specialist will meet with each department head to discuss pain points and possible solutions.

Documentation review

We’ll gather necessary data and assess your documentation needs, determine what additional support is needed, and work with you to restructure your documentation to best fit your situation.

Service deployment

We’ll work with you to deploy the relevant services in a realistic time frame and align our service desk with your requirements, ensuring your end users get the support they need.

CNI portal configuration

We’ll make sure everything is set up in order to be able to start supporting end users.

Connect with end users

As we deploy all the necessary applications and services, we meet with your end users, which allows us to assess their needs and customize our support accordingly.

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