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Full-Spectrum Protection

Delivering effective security against full range of today’s threat conditions, both known or unknown, regardless of sophistication or volume

CNI Security provides security solutions with the speed and accuracy required to protect you from a new breed of sophisticated cyberattacks. Rendering previously unknown threats obsolete by protecting you from malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile applications. Securing your network perimeter with next-generation threat intelligence solutions.

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CNI Threat Investigator

As the most dangerous threats often span multiple threat vectors, connections between URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps are analyzed by the Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform in order to provide greater accuracy and predictive risk scores.  The insight provided by this contextual knowledge around an object under investigation provides greater knowledge around threats and enables CNI’s security administrators to take proactive measures to automatically block associated malicious actors, regardless of type.

CNI File Reputation Service

As traditional cybersecurity can’t keep up with the volume and speed of modern malware, dynamic file intelligence is required to effectively stop the distribution of emerging file-based threats. CNI’s service provides an real-time lookup of known malicious and whitelisted file identifiers, regardless of file type, name, platform, encryption or password protection. With this service, CNI can easily and effectively stop the distribution of emerging threats through their networks, before they infect devices.

CNI IP Reputation Service

CNI continuously monitors all IPv4 and in-use IPv6 addresses, to make a dynamic list of 12 million malicious IPs available in near real-time. With this service CNI’s security administrators can easily identify threats and protect your network against inbound attacks, and the time required to identify new and existing IP threats is drastically reduced. In addition, CNI administrators gain visibility into the types of threats, as well as historical, geolocation, and other intelligence to make better informed threat decisions.